IEC 61400 Windpower

Windpower 61400

The IEC has developed a standard, IEC 61400-25, which describes the communication between wind power plant components such as wind turbines and management systems such as SCADA systems.

The IEC 61400-25 is designed for a client-server communication environment and provides an wind power information model, exchange model and a mapping to standard communication protocols.

IEC 61400-25 communication model

Xelas Energy Management (XEM) Components for IEC 61400-25

Xelas Energy Software has implemented various components needed to provide a total energy management solution for a wind power plant.

Standard compliant Communication Protocols

The 61400-25 standard provides for various mapping to communication protocols like GOOSE, SSV and MMS. Xelas Energy Software has implementations for all these protocols which can be used on the Client as well as Server side of your solution. For more information see Protocols Overview.

Client Management System Development Environment

Equipment and Service providers will need to built 61400 standard compliant Element Management Systems. Xelas Energy Software provides toolkits and APIs for the rapid building of these solutions. For information see the Client and Server solutions page.