XEM Dynamic Integration Framework

XEM Dynamic Integration Framework

The Dynamic Integration Framework provides a generic, high performance solution for Smart Grid integraton, based on open standard information modelling of the IEC models and the DMTF common information model (CIM).

It provides a number of ready-made, off-the-shelf protocol adapters (MMS, SNMP, 60870-5-104, ODBC, ASCII, XML) feeding script driven translators for easy integration of your existing equipment types and applications, adaptable without downtime.

Protocols can be adapted 100% in runtime through dynamic SCL loading.  Logical translation provided by the script driven translators can also be updated without downtime.

Similar to our client development toolkit, information handling is implemented by using relational databases, ensuring data persistence and easy integration in more generic IT application architectures. 

Product Highlights

  • Built-in 61850 mediation
  • Scada 5-104 Mediation
  • Out of the box adaptors for MMS, GOOSE,OPC, XML, SNMP
  • Adaptor development kit to quickly integrate proprietary protocols
  • Dynamic Reconfigurable with Java Script
  • Efficient and Flexible Change Management
  • Platforms: Linux, Solaris, HPUX, Windows
  • Distribution Service provides for a Scalable platform capable of supporting a large number of IEDs

XEM Dynamic Integration Framework is tested for conformity and interoperability, and documented using PICS, PIXIT and TICS templates.

Dynamic Integration approach

The Integration Framework accomplishes dynamic mediation by utilizing a data-driven approach governed by a configurable set of mapping rules (see figure to the right).  A Meta-data approach and protocol normalization allow for a modular construct (saving both time and cost to market); while the mapping rules allow for changes in the interface at run-time without having to stop the application or re-boot the server.









Building Protocol gateways with the Dynamic Integration Platform

Xelas Energy built various Energy protocol gateways with the Dynamic Integration Framework. The Framework architecture provides for rapid development of new adaptors. Runtime features include dynamic loading of updated information models, persistent storage and configurable mediation rules.

Off the shelf gateways are available for OPC-MMS and Scada 5-104.


Download the XEM Energy Integration Whitepaper for more information


To order an evaluation package or get more information about the Xelas Energy 61850 products please email: info@xelasenergy.com