IEC 61580 Server Toolkit

The Xelas Energy Management Product line includes the 61850 Server Toolkit. The 61850 Server Toolkit was developed with the latest technology and based upon Xelas Software's more than 25 years of expertise in delivering reliable and scalable embedded communication solutions.

The 61850 Server Toolkit focuses on the delivery of fully functional but lightweigth and high performance software. The product is written in portable C-code and can easily ported to different embedded RTOS.


Product Highlights

  • 61850 Edition 1 and 2 fully supported including all operations
  • Architecture optimized for embedded RTOS
  • C development Environment
  • ACSI Library provides for rapid 61850 development. Not just a MMS API but a fully functional 61850 library
  • Multiple transport protocols supported: MMS, GOOSE, Sample Values
  • Multiple information models supported such as 61850-7-420(DER), 61850-7-410(Hydro), 61850-7-x(substations) and 61400(Windpower)
  • Extendable Common Information model (CIM) based on IEC 61850
  • Extendable with IEC 62351-4 Security plugin
  • Platforms: vxWorks, Embedded Linux

The development of reliable energy network applications demands high quality level from software components. Our carrier grade software is tested and built to run in networks for 20 year or longer. The 61850 server was designed on top of the Xelas Software ETS (embedded transport services) product, a product used widely within Telecom management solutions of customers including NSN (Nokia Siemens Networks), Samsung, ALU (Alcatel Lucent), NEC, Huawei and Ericsson.

Technical Differentiators compared to other Vendors

The 61850 Server Toolkit provides more functionality than any other 61850 products.

  • All communication protocols supported
  • ACSI Library implementation drastically reduces development time
  • Simulator and Conformance test tools included

For a more detailed description of why the Xelas 61850 Server Toolkit is superior to any other product please see the Technical Differentiators page.

Application Development Features

The 61850 Server Toolkit provides a full development environment to rapidly develop IEC 61850 Server applications.

Some application development features of the 61850 Server Development Toolkit:

  • 61850 Client Simulator facilitates rapid Test and QA cycles
  • Multi-tasking embedded Architecture which can be customized to fit your hardware
  • Jupiter RTOS porting library facilitates quick embedded portation of the product

Download the 61850 Server Toolkit Datasheet for more information.

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