61850 Protocol Libraries

Xelas Energy has implemented the complete IEC 61850 protocol suite, including:

  • MMS (Manufacturing Message Specification) (for core ACSI Services)
    • Including RFC1006 and ISO CO T-Profile TP4/CLNP
  • SV (Sampled Values) (for Multicast)
  • GOOSE (Generic Object Oriented Substation Event)
  • SNTP ( for time Synchronization)

With this, Xelas Software is one of a few vendors worldwide who have a complete in-house software implementation for all the layers included in the IEC 61850 standards.

The protocols listed above are available as part of the 61850 Client / Server Toolkits. There are also available in Protocol Library format with the following features:

  • High-Level ACSI API which greatly reduces development and testing time
  • C-API library for high performance
  • Binary or Source code libraries
  • Platforms including Windows, Linux, UNIX, vxWorks, embedded Linux

(Courtesy of IEC standard)

Download more 61850 Product Docoumentation.

To order an evaluation package or get more information about the various protocol libraries please email: info@xelasenergy.com