61850 ACSI Interface

ACSI stands for Abstract Communication Service Interface and is an intregral part of the IEC 61850 standard. The Xelas Energy 61850 Products all make use of the ACSI layer Library. This page will explain why this is a major advantage for developing 61850 applications.

ACSI Layer Architecture

The figure on the right shows the 61850 Product Architecture. Other products on the market expose just a MMS API. Developers still need to implement all ACSI operations and SCL object modifications.

Some highlights of the ACSI SCL Library API architecture:

  • ACSI API hides specific protocol (MMS,GOOSE,SV) know-how
  • The raw MMS,GOOSE and SV PDUs are automatically decoded into ACSI messages
  • ACSI API allows for automated callbacks for pre-processing, attribute change and post processing
  • All operations automatically update the relational database using ODBC or SCL in-memory database, depending on preferred interface
  • Full GOOSE and Sample Values are supported and implemented in separate threads for high-performance

ACSI Layer Library advantages for developers

  • Implementation of the ACSI library reduces development time of 61850 application around 70% vs just a MMS library
  • Individual and Regression test scripts further reduce development, integration and regression time by approximatley 50%
  • The various 61850 operations are categorized and it is easy to select which operations need to be implemented for certain IED types. See figure on the right

For a more detailed description of why the Xelas Energy 61850 Product set is superior to any other product on the market please see the Technical Differentiators page.

Download the 61850 Technical Differentiator Datasheet for more information.

To order an evaluation package or get more information about the Xelas Energy 61850 products please email: info@xelasenergy.com